Born 1983, Santiago, Chile.

I’ve directed over 90 music videos in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Honduras,
Mexico and the US, with great notoriety on TV at the time (my debut on
MTV Latino reached #1 when I was 22 y/o) and the internet today
(65+ million views), surviving the transition.

I’ve had cool experiences: from lecturing in universities in Chile, Peru and
California; working with talents that I’ve admired since I was a kid; being
the editor for a cartoon show (Cartoon Network LatAm); and even playing
three times at Lollapalooza Chile with my children’s-rock band, among
many other somewhat bizarre challenges.

I directed digital-ads for a couple of years, but I never really felt
comfortable, so I came home again and nowadays I’m only making music

Sony Music Latin, Sony Music Chile, Nickelodeon Mexico, EMI Colombia, +++.

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